6 reasons I moved to the Brave web browser (& you should too)

Brave is a privacy-focused internet browser that helps users regain control of their internet browsing activity. I made the switch to Brave after learning about the BAT cryptocurrency, a token used within the browser to reward users for their attention. I was sceptical that it wouldn’t deliver on the UX standard I was used to from Mozilla Firefox but I’ve been using it for a few weeks and do not feel I’m losing out on anything through my switch to Brave. 

1 – It protects your privacy and blocks trackers 

No need to install extensions or adjust any settings, blocking trackers and adverts is the default for Brave. The Brave Shields function informs you how many “cross-site trackers” and “other creepy things” it has blocked. If a website appears broken, you can click to run with the Brave shields down. 

2 – It does not track your activity 

The browser collects minimal data on its users and that which it does is anonymised. This is in stark contrast to Chrome, which tracks your internet activity. If you’re trying to minimise the amount of information that Google is collecting on you, a privacy-focused browser like Brave is the solution. 

3 – It is faster than other browsers 

Browser is one of the fastest internet browsers available. It loads 3x faster than Chrome and consumes 33 per cent less memory usage, according to the Brave website. Since ads and trackers are automatically blocked, Brave can load pages faster. If you’re using the Brave mobile app, it consumes 35 per cent less battery life than Chrome. 

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4 – It supports Chrome extensions 

On reservation I had in stepping away from Chrome and Firefox were the extensions. Where would I be without my grammar checker, crypto wallet and password manager? Brave is based on Chromium, the open-source structure behind Chrome. This means that it supports all of your favourite Chrome extensions without using the Google-owned browser. 

5 – It rewards you for viewing ads 

Unlike Chrome, which sells your web activity to advertisers, Brave allows you to consent to whether you want to view ads. Brave pays you for your attention in BAT (Basic Attention Token), the Brave cryptocurrency and provides you with an anonymous crypto wallet in which to store it. It is a minimal amount but makes you realise your attention is a valuable commodity for which you should be paid.

5 – It supports content creators 

The Brave Rewards program rewards content creators for producing great content. Users can send BAT to thank creators for the content at the time of viewing or you can set up recurring payments to your favourite sites. Content creators must opt into the Brave Rewards program to benefit from BAT. 

Download the Brave Browser here

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