Email newsletters

Lauren Mae has worked with Algorand Foundation, Async Art, My Baba, and Piccolo to design, curate and compose email newsletters for both entertainment and marketing purposes.

Algorand Foundation

Read full version of newsletter 1, newsletter 2.

Async Art

Lauren created the weekly newsletter for Async Art. The newsletter went out to a mailing list of NFT collectors and creators who use the platform. It features the latest product updates from Async, the week’s highlighted art and music NFT collections, and information about upcoming events, such as Twitter and Discord discussions around trending web3 topics.

Read full version of newsletter 1, newsletter 2.

My Baba

Lauren designed email newsletters for My Baba using MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Over the course of three years working at My Baba, she was responsible for curating and composing the Weekly Scoop newsletter which comprised of the week’s best content, featured products and relevant advertising. Lauren also worked with brands, including Stella McCartney and Stokke, to design sponsored solus newsletters. (2017-2019)


As part of a project for Piccolo, Lauren produced written email marketing content. New parents and parents-to-be would enter details about the age of their child or pregnancy timeline and sign up to receive email newsletters with content tailored to their parenting journey. (2019-2020)

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