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What is humane tech & why do we desperately need it?
Inhumane tech exploits our lizard brain. While this primitive part of us is essential for survival, it also behaves automatically, irrationally, and in ways beyond our …
Are DAOs the future of enterprise?
The DAO proposes a restructuring of enterprise with the use of blockchain and smart contracts but how feasible really is this?
How to buy Ether (ETH) on Binance with credit/debit card
You can buy Ether (ETH) easily with credit or debit card on Binance. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to make your cryptocurrency purchase.
4 things that are happening in Web3 right now – Aug 2022 
Sex, drugs and guns in Web3 Coindesk’s weekly theme covers “sins” in the cryptosphere: how illicit industries are using crypto and adapting to Web3. The digital …
4 things that are happening in the NFT space right now – Feb 2022
Plagiarism, sneaky airdrops and celebrity endorsement, UN-approved NFT standards, and non-fungible token price growth.
4 things that are happening in crypto right now – Feb 2022
Bitcoin surpasses $40k, Wonderland co-founder identified as fraudster, metaverse tokens surge and the future of layer 2 tokens…
Santo Remedio review: margaritas and Mexican small plates in Shoreditch
Santo Remedio delivers a refreshing dose of Mexican flavours through vibrant and exciting cocktails and dishes. Expect authenticity and familiarity mixed with a Mexican ingredients you …
4 metaverse projects to get behind (& 3 to invest in with caution)
November 2020 was an exciting month for metaverse projects and the momentum is set to charge into 2022, here are the ones I'm following.
4 great Android keyboard alternatives to GBoard
Fed up of Google tracking your every move? Looking for something different? Give up Gboard for an alternative Android keyboard.
3 important cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin & Ethereum
Bitcoin may be the current king of crypto that doesn’t mean it will always hold the top spot. Many savvy investors are perceiving bitcoin as a …
6 decentralised social media platforms to know about
Decentralised social media can solve the problems tech giants Facebook and Twitter currently face. Here are some more ethical alternatives.
Why it’s time to switch from WhatsApp to Signal
Switch from Whatsapp to Signal to ensure better privacy. The messaging app offers identical features to Whatsapp without data collection.
6 reasons I moved to the Brave web browser (& you should too)
Switch to Brave, the privacy-focused internet browser that helps users regain control of their internet browsing activity.
5 influential non-fiction books to add to your reading list
Books that changed my perspective on life   Designing Your Life, Bill Burnett & Dave Evans Look at your life through the eyes of a designer …
Improving the site speed of my website
Google Search Console made me look into improving my site speed. I used PageSpeed Insights to flag problems then WordPress plugins to resolve them.
Tools I always use for SEO writing
There are now a profusion of SEO tools out there to help you improve the quality of your content and help it achieve a higher Google …
What is a Content Editor?
Looking to become a Content Editor? Or maybe you’re on the search for a someone to run the content on your website. I wanted to create …
Do I need a Facebook page for Lauren Mae Digital?
I had mixed feelings about setting up a business Facebook page for Lauren Mae Digital. For someone who works in the digital sphere, it seems necessary… …
Getting the Lauren Mae Twitter handle
Having social media handles that correspond with your business name is important. As part of building my brand Lauren Mae, I’ve first tasked myself with getting …