4 great Android keyboard alternatives to GBoard

If you’re an Android user, you’ll be familiar with Gboard: it’s the default keyboard that comes installed on your Android device. It has a wealth of great features – so much so that you might not have looked at others available in the Play store. Despite its usability, Gboard is tracking everything you type. Indeed this is in order to learn and adapt to your writing style and patterns but this data is also stored on a Google server somewhere. Android allows you to change from the default keyboard, so here are four stellar options to install on your phone. 

Android keyboard alternatives to download


Swiftkey has been around since 2010 (almost since the wake of Android!) and is Gboard biggest contender. This keyboard learns your writing style as you type, offers slide or ‘glide’ typing, supports emojis and has a built-in GIF search — all of the features you’ll know and love from Gboard. Previously, you had to pay for the Swiftkey keyboard but now it has been acquired by Microsoft, it’s available to download for free. If you’ve got a Microsoft account, sign into it to sync Swiftkey across your devices and sign onto its beta program to try out new features before they are released.

Download – Swiftkey for Android (free, no in-app purchases) 


The Typewise USP is that it provides 100% privacy, so rather than hanging on your every word, none of your typing data is sent over the internet, according to its website. Its autocorrect precision definitely holds up against Gboard and it claims to have 4x fewer typos than other Android keyboards, so if you’re looking for precision, Typewise is for you. It doesn’t look like a typical keyboard: it’s shaped in a honeycomb pattern. The conventional QWERTY keyboard is not known for its user-friendly design and Typewise acknowledges this. The hexagonal keys are designed to increase accuracy and speed in two-thumb typing. 

Download – Typewise Custom Keyboard (free, paid-for premium version) 


Fleksy is a whizz in the autocorrect department and will correct even the sloppiest of typing. It has a clean and crisp design but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features. You can customise it with your most-used emojis and symbols for quick typing access, make shortcuts for words and enable an invisible keyboard mode. The keyboard sound, theme and font are all fully customisable, so it’s perfect for those who like to add a personal touch to their devices. It also supports 40 languages — ideal for polyglots.

Download – Fleksy for Android (free, with in-app purchases)  


The Grammarly keyboard comes to the rescue in the spelling and grammar department. If you’re constantly sending emails on-the-go and need to appear professional at all times, Grammarly is the keyboard for you. It learns how you type and picks up your writing style to feature suggestions of what you will type next. It flags if your grammar or phrasing is incorrect and provides a short explanation to help you improve in the future. Grammarly has now introduced swipe typing, so if this is your go-to style, it will not be missed when you download this grammar-friendly keyboard. 

Download – Grammarly (free, with paid-for premium version)

Which keyboard are you currently using? What are the most important features you look for on a keyboard? Share with me in the comment section below.

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