About Lauren Mae

Lauren Mae is a web3 content specialist. For almost seven years, she has worked in content writing, marketing, and management. Her portfolio comprises a diverse range of large and small projects that she has worked on.  

Her expertise lies in web3 innovation, blockchain, and NFTs. She is constantly following the direction of the tech space and educating herself on the latest innovations. Her current areas of interest are AI and DeFi. Lauren is enthused by the cultural and social developments brought about by web3 and looks forward to a healthier web ecosystem that supports both creators and consumers. 

She is driven to understand and explain to others the real-world impact of cryptocurrency, the benefits of a decentralized economy, and the revolution of blockchain technology. The causes she cares about are free speech, humane tech, and algorithmic responsibility — all of whose underlying problems she recognizes can be solved through the new web3 iteration of the internet. 

Lauren’s passion lies in writing across a range of mediums (long and short-form blogs, video scripts, UX copy, whitepapers, technical guides, Twitter threads, Discord announcements, and so on). With a background in digital marketing, she has also developed strong skills in SEO, graphic design, video direction, social media ad management, and basic web development. For recent projects, please visit the portfolio section. 

Outside of the web3 space, Lauren enjoys practising yoga. She works every day to improve and learn with a view to teaching on a casual basis and producing educational video content. For fun, she likes to play around with Photoshop, write a travel blog, and go scuba diving. She is also teaching herself the basics of music production. 

Follow @heylaurenmae on Twitter for latest updates, connect with Lauren on LinkedIn, or visit the blog section.

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